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The Snap Templates describe themselves! You can make beautiful twisted boutique bows in a snap. These poufy dimensional bows will stay new and stylish with over 10 different folding techniques to mix up your project. With no need to measure, you can use the size guide to wrap your ribbon and snap it into the template. Your loops are even and the angles are perfect. Variations include beautiful ribbon sculptures like flowers, snowflakes and butterflies. The Snap Templates offer different options for each step of the bow making process which will also allow crafters to choose their method of work.

Kit includes templates for 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", 1.5", and 2.25" ribbon, Nine dimension Size Guide and Spiral bound instruction and idea book.

Twisted boutique bows have lots of dimension to them and the angles are traditionally hard to master without months of practice. But they are a beautiful accessory.  

The book includes 7 techniques including the Quick and easy fold, True fold, Split tails, Stacking, Layering, Criss cross, Long tails, Cheer bows, Half and Half, Stacked with tags and Surrounds, Ribbon sculptures like a flower, Snowflake and Butterfly, and Tuxedo bows. It also has some fun ideas and suggestions!  

It covers supplies, tools, hardware, cutting and sealing ribbon, and comes with a great chart for choosing the size bow, ribbon width and template to use.


These templates are all about giving you choices. For each step YOU can choose the method you want to use, so you can craft the way you are comfortable working.

Fold your ribbon with one of the methods listed above.

Secure with a few stitches or glue to keep your angles sharp

Crease by sewing, folding or tying with thread, elastic, wire or ribbon

Finish with a knot, flat wrap or embellishment

It's that easy!



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