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Liz Reyes Wednesday May 17, 2017
Thank you so much! I just bought the Ultimate brilliant bow maker kit and I am so glad I did! Wonderful kit! I can't wait to share all my new beautiful bows!
From: Texas
Kimberly Floyd Sunday September 18, 2016
Just bought the Brilliant Bowmaker Ultimate Kit and love it!!
From: Pine Mountain Valley, GA
Vicki Spradling Monday November 11, 2013
Such an awesome product and very sweet lady!~
From: United States
Elsa Baroldy Sunday September 8, 2013
Just ordered the ultimate kit, can't wait to get it! so excited!!
Jennifer Singleton Sunday September 8, 2013
This is fantastic Karyn! Thank you for such inspiration!
From: Louisville, KY, United States
Katie Thursday May 17, 2012
WOW! I just got my templates in the mail and it is like Christmas! I was worried to spend the money but now I am so happy I decided to invest in my bow business with these AMAZING tools! You get a LOT for your money with this kit!! The books are wonderful, you can tell a lot of hard work and energy has been poured into them. I love having hard copies in front of me and I love that the pages are cardstock! Thank you!!
From: Virginia
Cathy Wednesday March 7, 2012
I Love my BBM ! My mom had to have a triple bypass last Tuesday..... And this may sound bad....... But I took them and a book with me ....... I couldn't read my book....... Was able to make quite a few bows ....... It kept me busy ........ Thank you for making wonderful products ! You and all the other wonderful ladies that make ours a little easier. :) And by the way my mom did wonderful ! And I am staying with her while she is recovers....... Shes 82..... :)
Sarah Noirot Saturday February 25, 2012
Adore my surround templates! Recommending them to all my bow making friends! Love them!
Crystal Ward Gray Saturday December 3, 2011
I am a past customer from about a year ago when I purchase the Ultimate Kit & LOVED IT ! Then came along the NEW Ultimate Kit with many more sized templates, new snap templates, etc. & LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !! One of the BEST investments I have EVER made ! Thanks to Karyn & her team for an awesome product !
From: United States

LPL Ebook - Panda Instructions-panda, bear, instructions, tutorials, tutorial
LPL Ebook - Panda Instructions

LPL Ebook - Basketweave Headband Instructions-headbands, basket, weave, woven, braided
LPL Ebook - Basketweave Headband Instructions

LPL Brilliant Bowmaker - 1. ULTIMATE Kit-Hairbow Instructions, Hair bow instructions, bow instructions, Bows, hairbows, hairbow template, hair bow template, hairbow templates, hair bow templates, make your own hairbows, Ultimate Hairbow instructions, hairbow instructions, hair bow instructions, bow template, bow templates, surrounds, surround loops, surrounds, templates, template, Brilliant Bowmaker, bowmaking template
LPL Brilliant Bowmaker - 1. ULTIMATE Kit

LPL Brilliant Bowmaker System - 2. Classic Style Kit-bow
hairbow template
hair bow template
hairbow templates
hair bow templates
make your own hairbows
Ultimate Hairbow instructions
hairbow instructions
hair bow instructions
bow template
bow templates
surround loops
Brilliant Bowmaker
bowmaking template
bow making template
LPL Brilliant Bowmaker System - 2. Classic Style Kit

LPL Ebook - Ribbon Sculpture Book 1-instructions, book, ebook, tips, techniques, ribbon, sculpture, cupcake, ice, cream, cones, goldfish, fish, fishy, froggie, frog, ballet, shoe, slipper, sea, shell, seashell, easter, basket, eggs, violin, music
LPL Ebook - Ribbon Sculpture Book 1

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