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What are the Brilliant Bowmaker Templates? TOP

The Brilliant Bowmaker templates are three styles of plastic templates each designed to make a very distinct type of bow. They take the learning curve down to a few minutes for most people. With the templates you can produce consistent, quality bows in much less time.

What is the difference between the Classic, Snap and Surround templates? TOP

Classic bows are a very tailored, flat to the head style of bow. They are great for stacking and easy for beginners. They hold their shape well and are very durable so they are well suited for clothing, hair accessories and greeting cards.

The book includes 7 techniques including the Basic fold, Stacking, Layering, Criss cross, Long tails, Cheer bows, Stacked with twists and Stacked with tags.

It also covers supplies, tools, hardware, cutting and sealing ribbon, and comes with a great chart for choosing the size bow, ribbon width and template to use.

These templates are all about giving you choices. For each step YOU can choose the method you want to use, so you can craft the way you are comfortable working.

1. Fold your ribbon

2. Secure by sewing, stapling, melting or gluing

3. Crease by sewing, folding or tying with thread, elastic, wire or ribbon

4. Finish with a knot, flat wrap or embellishment

It's that easy!


The Snap templates help make Twisted boutique bows by not only holding all your angles perfectly, but offers a method of construction that guarentees your loops are all even too!

The Book includes the Quick and Easy fold, True Fold, Split tails, Layering, Criss Cross, Half and Half, Long tails or cheer bows, Stacked with tags and surrounds, Ribbon sculptures like flowers, snowflakes and a butterfly, and also Tuxedo bows.

It also covers supplies, tools, hardware, cutting and sealing ribbon, and comes with a great photo chart for choosing the size bow, ribbon width and template to use.

1. Fold your ribbon

2. Stitch to secure and keep your angles from shifting during use

3. Crease by sewing, folding or tying

4. Finish with a knot flat wrap or embellishment


The Surround templates allow you to make a series of 4 symmetrical loops. They are traditionally used in stacking bows to "surround" a smaller bow on top. But alone they can make beautiful flowers, poinsettias, medallions or gift bows!

1. Wrap your ribbon

2. Stitch or glue in place

3. Ready to be used in a stacked bow or made into another creation!

How long will it take before my items arrive? TOP

This time of year Brilliant Bowmaker kits and in stock supplies usually ship within 2-4 business days.  We ship until approximately 3pm EST. Orders placed after that are counted as the next days orders. We do not ship on weekends.

Wholesale orders for Brilliant Bowmaker supplies usually ship within 3 business days or terms agreed on, and according to the arranged methods.  


I am missing a part/pages or the Brilliant Bowmaker arrived damaged TOP

Please let us know what you are missing or parts that need to be replaced. Damaged or defective items can be returned to :

Little Pink Ladybug

12618 Bay Tree Way

Louisville, KY 40245

For damaged or defective items a replacement will be sent and the shipping refunded. For items that are being returned for a refund, return shipping is not reimbursed.


I would like to return my Brilliant Bowmaker for a refund. TOP

Kits are returnable in their original resellable packaging. All parts must be returned. The original purchase price plus the original shipping will be refunded. Return shipping is not refundable.

Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase. International items are excluded.

We are not responsible for missing untrackable packages. Delivery confirmation is recommended. Refunds will only be issued once the items arrive.

Bows and ribbon items purchased at craft shows are not returnable or exchangable, but are guaranteed against defect.

How will my refund arrive? TOP

Refunds will be issues in the same manner in which the item was paid for. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Items must be trackable back to us with delivery confirmation. A full refund for the purchase price will be issued. As a courtesy, the original shipping will be refunded. RETURN SHIPPING IS NOT REFUNDED.

Item must arrive in new, resellable condition. Please take care to repack your items in a manner safe for traveling.

What kind of clips do you use? TOP

Most items default to a CPSIA certified, partially lined alligator clip, with grippy unless stated otherwise in the listing.


Do you sell Novelty, Specialty or Made to match bows? TOP

Yes, please visit us in person at the many craft shows throughout the year, or visit one of the stores that carry Little Pink Ladybug products.

You can also visit www.zibbet.com/LittlePinkLadybug or www.littlepinkladybug33.etsy.com for one of a kind or ready to ship items.

Do you have business cards? TOP

Yes! Thank you for asking! We can include cards to hand out to your friends and admirers, just ask! Our bows are sure to attract attention!

What is "grippy" ? TOP

Grippy is the unique grip slip pad adhered inside every alligator clip. This rubber grip pad ensures that our alligator clip bows will stay put in even 1 strand of hair!

I have another question not listed here. TOP

We are here to help! Please send your question through our contact form.

Who made the bows I see in stores or craft shows TOP

Crafty Americans!

Mostly Karyn and her family members do the sewing and gluing work for bows. Karyn makes all the ribbon sculptures. Ocassionally friends help out during the busy season with odds and ends.


Can I wash my bow? TOP

Our bows should be hand washed with luke warm water using mild detergent. Simply hold the bow upside down by the clip and gently agitate in the water. Try not to get the clip wet. Lay the bow on a towel with the clip down to dry. We do not recommend washing korkers or marabou.

I have a boutique and am interested in carrying your bows. TOP

Thank you! Please apply through our wholesale application to set up your account! Larger discounts are available for wholesale accounts.

A tax ID, resellers license and phone number are necessary to set up a wholesale account. Please email these items through our contact form. These items must be sent for consideration of an account. Minimum order quantities apply.

How are your bows made? TOP

All bows are handmade by Karyn or a select staff of artisans. Each bow is sewn thoroughly to resist pulling apart or disfiguring. No chemicals are used in the process.

Ribbon sculptures may be sewn, or have one of several adhesives used to create it.

Are your bows treated with chemicals? TOP

Nope! Every child has different sensitivities, so all our bows are heat sealed for a beautiful finish.

LPL Ebook - Panda Instructions-panda, bear, instructions, tutorials, tutorial
LPL Ebook - Panda Instructions

LPL Ebook - Basketweave Headband Instructions-headbands, basket, weave, woven, braided
LPL Ebook - Basketweave Headband Instructions

LPL Brilliant Bowmaker - 1. ULTIMATE Kit-Hairbow Instructions, Hair bow instructions, bow instructions, Bows, hairbows, hairbow template, hair bow template, hairbow templates, hair bow templates, make your own hairbows, Ultimate Hairbow instructions, hairbow instructions, hair bow instructions, bow template, bow templates, surrounds, surround loops, surrounds, templates, template, Brilliant Bowmaker, bowmaking template
LPL Brilliant Bowmaker - 1. ULTIMATE Kit

LPL Brilliant Bowmaker System - 2. Classic Style Kit-bow
hairbow template
hair bow template
hairbow templates
hair bow templates
make your own hairbows
Ultimate Hairbow instructions
hairbow instructions
hair bow instructions
bow template
bow templates
surround loops
Brilliant Bowmaker
bowmaking template
bow making template
LPL Brilliant Bowmaker System - 2. Classic Style Kit

LPL Ebook - Ribbon Sculpture Book 1-instructions, book, ebook, tips, techniques, ribbon, sculpture, cupcake, ice, cream, cones, goldfish, fish, fishy, froggie, frog, ballet, shoe, slipper, sea, shell, seashell, easter, basket, eggs, violin, music
LPL Ebook - Ribbon Sculpture Book 1

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